The volatility of currency crypto generates news that affects its development. For example, cryptocurrencies show new alternatives in transactions through these virtual currencies. One of the advantages of this formula is that its value in use does not depend on a specific place. So, it’s an innovative concept open to the universality of a global moment. Also, generate possibilities that were unthinkable a few years ago.

Most of these new proposals operate with a blockchain technology system. That’s to say, a commitment to decentralization. In other words, that has created a turning point in the notion of the Internet held so far. 

What is the currency crypto with the most future? Below is a list of some of the most important ones.

Currency crypto best long term prospects

If you are thinking of buying or investing in cryptocurrencies, this is the best time. Throughout the article, we will leave you with some recommendations for currency crypto. And why they can be a good option for long-term investment.

Bitcoin, the currency crypto par excellence

We will start with Bitcoin. Because, despite its ups and downs, it has recovered in recent months. Its trend in recent days has been upward, and its price may be to continue to rise.

At the moment, its value stands at around $40, and expectations are great for price growth. Mainly after the ‘halving’ expected in a few months. And which will be a boost for its price.

Investing in BTC in the short term could bring you some benefits. Although, if you are patient and bet on the long-term, the analysts say that the best is yet to come and what will surprise you.

Ether, the second one

The range of options is broad. Although Bitcoin is essential in this field, this currency crypto is valuable. The main property of this element is its use, only valid when performed in the Ethereum platform. 

Ether is the second currency crypto in the market. Its market capitalization is 16 million against the 154 million that Bitcoin. So, the leading cryptocurrency in the market let us know that its price is optimistic.

Even though last year was not the best for Ethereum, the blockchain has more presence. And by 2021, it estimates that it will start to be very important for international trade. Bitcoin and Ethereum alone already enjoy 25% of the currency crypto industry.

Ethereum plummeted to nine-month lows and lost all its 2019 gains. There are even some exchange houses that intend to remove ETH from their list of tradable ones.

But many others see in the Istanbul hard fork the hope for Ethereum to regain its value during 2021. Besides, with the ETH 2.0 update, they will try to change the mechanism from PoW (Proof of Work) to PoS (Proof of Stake).

Anytime regardless of whether the evolution throughout 2021 is good, now is a perfect time to invest. The currency crypto is at $1239.02.

Ripple, more than a trend

It’s another trend of the moment. This currency crypto allows the efficient realization of transactions conditioned by immediacy. One of the benefits of this currency is that. Also, collaborate with banking entities. Besides, that inspires confidence and reinforces its entity.

Despite falling its support of 0.25 dollars, expectations for 2021 are optimistic. And some events could serve to boost the currency crypto. For example, Ripple’s commercial agreements will be the key to its growth.

At a technological level, we know that Ripple is so powerful. And that its network is capable of handling 1500 transactions per secure, 24/7, and can scale. There is no doubt of its potential and among its interests is to become a system at the same level as VISA.

The currency crypto market does not need a selection of 2,000 cryptocurrencies. But coins that work, as in this case, XRP. If the time comes and the industry shrinks looking for quality, do not doubt that Ripple will remain.

Thus, investing in Ripple today is investing in the future and quality industry. It is currently trading at $0.0004.

Litecoin, good expectations

This proposal emerged in 2011. The practical vocation of Litecoin is becoming an alternative to Bitcoin. And the truth is it has not managed to position itself as the first option. Although, it is becoming more and more relevant. Because many platforms also integrate it as valid in their system.

One of its advantages present in transactions is the speed in completing the process. The user can realize the objectives by obtaining a quick confirmation. And with a small cost. This protection mechanism is a cybersecurity measure.

Although these are only rumors, Litecoin could incorporate private transactions on the network. That’s why it which would make it more fungible. Besides, it’s more efficient than Bitcoin and is very useful for smaller transactions.

On the other hand, more processors are adding Litecoin among the assets to make payments. And Bitcoin’s halving and its positive movements are likely like Litecoin.

At the moment, one Litecoin is worth $155.51, and as we say, the expectations are positive.

Bitcoin Cash, great potential

One of the forks of Bitcoin is Bitcoin Cash (BCH). Also, it’s an alternative if you do not want to invest in the original currency crypto.

Besides, Bitcoin Cash has the same blockchain technology and great potential. Also, if you invest in this cryptocurrency, you have a more affordable price for your pocket.

Bitcoin Cash is currently trading at $532.25. Moreover, expectations are also favorable. Generally, Bitcoin does well its forks, such as Bitcoin Cash. Also, tend to do well, and analysts are optimistic.

To sum up, other currency cryptos, such as Tron, ZCash, EOS, Dash, Omisego, and Qtum, are also excellent. And in recent days, their trend has been in a clear upward direction, so now is the time to invest in them. We are sure that in the long term you will achieve profits. And it will be worthwhile to have a bet on these proposals.